Development Spotlight: SPOT

Development Spotlight: SPOT

Brandywine Realty Trust SPOT

Brandywine Realty Trust SPOT Delivers Tomorrow's Office Today in Radnor

Brandywine Realty Trust is delivering SPOT in the Radnor market. SPOT is Brandywine Realty Trust's commitment to creating tomorrow's office today. We have explored the trends and future direction of commercial office space. Now, those transformative ideas are creating a remarkable work environment.

Guiding Principles

  • Create a workspace that captures the trend toward flexible, collaborative workspaces.
  • Leverage innovative materials and techniques to create a workspace that is professional and exciting.
  • Reclaim materials and space to ensure the space is sustainable and green.

Visionary Partners

  • Kling Stubbins
  • Knoll Furniture
  • Paetec
  • Cisco Systems
  • FreeAxez Flooring Systems

Innovative Workspaces

  • View Floor Plans
  • View Furnishings and Amenities
  • 3D Tour

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