Development Spotlight: The Lift

Development Spotlight: The Lift

Brandywine Realty Trust The Lift

Brandywine Realty Trust's New State-of-the-Art Public Garage Transforms Parking with Safety, Green Benefits

Brandywine Realty Trust's newest venture, The Lift™, provides a safe, convenient parking experience in Philadelphia with a world class-system that treats cars like precious cargo in a fully automated, eco-friendly facility. The Lift is one of just eleven automated garages in the country and is the first public garage of its kind in Philadelphia.

Located at 101 S. Juniper Street in Center City, The Lift's green technology allows for more efficient use of space compared to conventional parking garages. By eliminating idling, the mechanized system substantially reduces exhaust emissions, gasoline usage, storm and polluted water runoff, making the garage eco-friendly. The Lift's technology can reduce carbon emissions up to 83% over a traditional parking garage, and Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions are up to 68% lower.

Customers drive into one of the three entry bays at the corner of Juniper and Drury Streets (between Chestnut and Sansom Streets), exit their car with their keys and swipe a credit card at the adjacent kiosk. The Lift then carefully transports vehicles to one of 220 spaces in the nine-story garage, viewable through the polycarbonate and glass panels on the exterior of the building.

To retrieve their cars, customers return to the Sansom Street exit and swipe the same credit card used during drop-off. The Lift automatically returns the car to street level, allowing for immediate departure. It typically takes less than three minutes for The Lift to retrieve a vehicle – a fraction of the standard retrieval time for valet and self-park garages. Additionally, customers can leave cars as long as they need – The Lift never closes.

The Lift also provides a level of safety that conventional garages are unable to offer, both for customers and their vehicles. The automated system eliminates the need to walk through dimly lit garages, offering a sense of security for those retrieving their cars late at night. Additionally, there is no danger of any damage to vehicles: patrons can park with the peace of mind that they won't find dings in their car from either fellow parkers or careless valets when they return.

The Lift is competitively priced to other Center City garages. For more information on The Lift, visit