Our company intends to establish sustainable office practices consistent with its overall commitment to provide excellent office environments to our customers, our employees and our vendor service providers. Toward that end, we have established a Sustainability Advisory Group, also known as the "Green Team."


Because the daily actions of each person in the company will contribute to the success of this policy, this policy includes a provision for education of all employees on relevant sustainability matters. In the long run, the initiative of each individual will be the key to• the success of the policy.

Sustainability Coordinator:

One person shall be designated as the Sustainability coordinator for the company. The time allocated for work as Coordinator shall be determined by the CEO/President. The Coordinator shall organize and lead the Green Team, be responsible for training all employees in an understanding of sustainability, make recommendations to the company Senior Management Committee to implement the policy, and keep awareness of this policy at a high level in the firm.

Sustainability Team:

The Green Team will meet on a regular basis to evaluate current practices, determine priorities in carrying out this policy, and educate and motivate employees to move toward sustainable practices. Anyone with ideas for improving the company's performance is encouraged to contact a member of the Green Team. The Green Team will make periodic reports to management and will post results on line regarding the progress the Company is making toward sustainability.


Sustainability shall be considered in the purchase of supplies, equipment, and services. Examples of sustainability criteria are recyclability, biodegradability, recycled content, waste minimization, hazardous-chemical free, energy conservation, resource conservation, locally manufactured, and organic.

Waste Reduction and Recycling:

Subject to security and other requirements, policies shall be established that minimize, to the extent practicable, the use of paper in data storage, printing and copying, internal and external communications, and mailing. Systems will be established to minimize disposables and packaging, reuse equipment and supplies where feasible, and maximize recycling of all items that can be recycled in this region.


Policies shall be established that encourage energy conservation and efficiency in heating/cooling, lighting, and equipment. This includes negotiations and discussion with tenants and utility providers.


The Sustainability team shall consider means for reducing business travel, including teleconferencing options, and strategies for reducing the impact of travel, including fuel efficiency and Flex Car.


The company management shall consider commuter initiatives to support telecommuting, use of mass transit, carpooling and bikes.

Carbon Credits/Green Power:

The company has considered the purchase of carbon credits to offset all or a portion of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with our operations. However, it is our present opinion that due to our other initiatives, we will not participate in such a program at this time.

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