5 Questions to Ask Your Landlord about Returning to the Workplace

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November 18, 2020

5 Questions to Ask Your Landlord about Returning to the Workplace

As we all begin to return to our workplaces and adjust to the ‘new normal,’ you should be able to have confidence in your office landlord, and know that you’re returning to a safe, secure space. At Brandywine, we’ve been working closely with our tenants throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure we are meeting their wants and needs, and prioritizing their health and safety. As you prepare to return to your office, here are the questions you should be asking your landlord.

1. Can you tell me more about the building’s HVAC and ventilation system? Your landlord should be adhering to or exceeding ASHRAE guidelines.

2. How are you enforcing mask wearing and social distancing in common areas? Your landlord should have installed a host of safety signage reminding of social distancing best practices and safety guidelines. They should be communicating frequently with tenants to remind everyone that adherence to these guidelines keeps your entire building community safe.

3. Are there new policies and protocols in place throughout the building? Your landlord should provide each tenant with a detailed handbook outlining all new policies and protocols, so employees can reference at their convenience.

4. Can you help me navigate challenges that my employees are facing when it comes to things like parking vs. mass transit, or homecare needs? Your landlord should always be working as your partner to make your employees’ lives easier. At Brandywine, we are providing parking solutions to tenants who don’t feel comfortable taking mass transit, and providing childcare resources to tenants who have children home or virtual learning.

5. How can I reconfigure my space to make my employees feel safe? Your landlord should be able to provide you with references and resources regarding space planning and furniture reconfiguration. Brandywine is providing our tenants with complimentary space planning consultations, to strategize about how to reconfigure spaces to adhere to social distancing and density requirements.

As we all work together to return to our offices with confidence, we hope you and your employees are receiving open, honest, 5-star communication from your landlord. If you need any help or resources, please reach out to brandywine.communications@bdnreit.com —we would be happy to make sure that you and your people feel safe and secure upon return to the workplace.