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Environmental Policies

Washington D.C.

Environmental Policies

Energy and GHG Management 

We optimize energy usage and costs across the portfolio to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By measuring and monitoring performance and implementing best practices, strategies and technologies that improve efficiency, we reduce operating expenses, lower utility costs for our tenants, and lessen our overall environmental impact. 

Water Management

We continually seek to optimize water usage reductions and costs across our portfolio by measuring and monitoring performance and implementing strategies and technologies that improve efficiency and make good business sense. Through these efforts, we reduce our risk and operating expenses, and help our tenants save on utility costs.

Waste Management

Brandywine reduces waste and costs across the portfolio by measuring and monitoring performance and implementing strategies that improve waste diversion, allowing us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrate responsible corporate citizenship.

Biodiversity & Habitat

Brandywine utilizes environmentally sensitive procedures in our building operations where feasible, to minimize the impact on the biodiversity and habitat of our buildings. We do this through adherence to our ESG Policies surrounding the best practices in pest management, landscaping, snow and ice removal, chemical fertilizers, and cleaning products.

Indoor Air Quality

Brandywine provides healthy indoor air quality through higher ventilation rates that increase fresh air intake, enhanced filtration, routine indoor air quality testing, ongoing commissioning of mechanical systems, and more.

Climate Risk and Resilience

We understand our changing climate will affect our buildings and communities, and we continuously work to improve our resilience to these risks. We identify climate risks annually, at a minimum, as part of general risk analysis and acquisition and due diligence processes and prepare for the impact of possible climate events. In Philadelphia, we are the largest building owner committed to the Philadelphia 2030 District—Green Building United’s Initiative to achieve deep reductions in energy use, water use, transportation emissions, and improved stormwater management, with the goal of lowering costs, reducing carbon emissions, improving indoor air quality and tenant comfort, and improving the resiliency of the city’s new and existing building stock. We also earned the Net Zero Travel Seal, for making a commitment to Goodwings and offsetting emissions that come with business travel.   


Data Management 

The ability to understand and evaluate building performance and make informed business decisions begins with a reasonable utility data management process. Brandywine works with our third party and in-house property management teams to gather and track energy, water, and waste data in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager®.